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Farm/Comm Systems

Progressive Innovations For Storing Grain On The Farm

Only grain systems with 4” roof rib panels. Tallest in the industry! Single piece roof panels on all farm/comm bins. Only company offering 66’ diameter farm/comm bins. Systems can store 64lb/bushel grains. 10 year warranty is standard on farm/comm bins.


Four Inch Ribs On Roof Panels

Roof panels on 42'-66' grain systems feature four inch ribs on each roof panel making them the tallest in the industry! Compared to roof ribs that are only 3 1/8” tall, 4” ribs are 40 percent stronger. Roofs are more resistant to high winds and larger snow loads keeping your investment safe during harsh weather conditions.

Single Piece Roof Panels

Sioux Steel Farm/Comm bins, up to 66’ in diameter, feature single stage, single piece roof panels. Roofs are easier to assemble. Construction crews no longer have to spend time constructing roof panel transitions. Fewer parts & easier construction result in less installation time.

Sidewalls Are Fully Stiffened

A bin which is fully stiffened, from the first ring at the base of the bin to the top, is capable of carrying high vertical grain loads. Our Farm/Comm bins can store grains weighing up to 64lbs/bushel. This is above the industry standard, allowing our bins to be utilized for years to come.

Stiffener Splicing

Stiffener splices ensure that the vertical loads are transferred properly between stiffener sections. Both an insert and two back plates are used at each stiffener splice location ensuring that bypassing does not occur. We utilize 7/16” hardware in all wall sheet seams and at all stiffener to wall sheet connections. 7/16” fasteners are 36% stronger than 3/8”.


Aeration Systems - Access Doors - Walk-In Doors - Floors - Ladder & Cage systems - Daay Power Sweep - Stairs

Grain Monitoring, Side Draw Unloads, Grain Legs, Grain Loop Systems, Drag Conveyors, Continuous Flow Dyers, Stiring Machines, Grain Spreaders, Towers, Catwalks and Support Structures.


Farm/Comm bin capacities shown with air floor option. Bin volume calculations based upon ASAE S413.1; 28 degree angle of fill, 8% compaction & 769kg/m3 bulk density. Total height based upon standard 30” peak cap.

Capacities are estimates and are not guaranteed.