Axial Fans

Sioux Steel’s axial fans cast aluminum airfoil blade ensures economical maximum airflow at lower static pressures. The hub on the blade prevents backflow air leakage at higher static pressures. The housing is designed with close tip clearance for maximum airflow. Airflow is increased by not allowing air to blow back through the blade and the housing for greater efficiency providing the most efficient axial fan on the market today.


  • Plated screen guard is bolted over the air intake for safety.
  • High quality motors for heavy duty dependable fan operation.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • 2 year limited warranty on all fans and heaters. This warranty comes standard on every fan and heater; there is no additional cost for this benefit. No matter the size, Sioux fans and heaters stand out as the best performing products in the industry!
  • Sioux Axial Fans are engineered for grain drying at lower static pressures. Our fans easily adapt to heaters or can be used alone for natural air drying or for pressure aeration.

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