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Farm Bin Roofs

Farm bin roofs feature peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs. Protect grain from all weather conditions. Roofs stand up to northern snow loads and high winds.

Roof Features

Peak Loads

Manufactured in the upper Midwest, Sioux Steel farm storage grain systems protect grain from all weather conditions. These strong roofs stand up to northern snow loads and high winds, keeping grain fresh and in condition for years. Sioux Steel 42' and 48' grain systems feature 10,000 lb peak load roof ratings.

Roof Construction

The 32-degree slope sheds moisture fast off of roof panels. Roof edges are rolled 340 degrees to stiffen panel edges and reduce vibration. Roof ribs are deep, double-thick, overlapping and interlocked.

Sioux Steel improves roof panel stiffness to prevent damage during handling and installation through the use a rolled formed edge or a 270 degree curled edge at the bottom edge of the panels.

4” Roof Ribs

The tallest in the industry! 4” ribs come standard on all Sioux Steel bins. This makes the bin roof more resistant to high winds and larger snow loads.

The necessary strength on longer roof panel spans is accomplished through the use from 4” roof ribs. Roll-formed “rigidizing” features are added to the flat portion of the panels between the roof ribs to reduce oil canning.

Bridging Rings

24’ - 48’ diameter bin roofs have bridging rings with locking collars that crown the roof for added strength.

Roof Ladders

Roof ladders are included in every bin package. Easily gain access to the farm bin fill cap or man-way by utilizing this ladder system.

Largest Man-Way In The Industry!

You won’t have to wonder if you can make it through the man-way when you’re out in the elements with lots of layers of clothing on. The most user-friendly man-way.

Cap Options

Standard 30” fill cap openings are designed for one-handed control. Optional ground control fill caps
available. 60” flat top caps are optional on 24’ to 48’ bins for permanent installation of cross augers or spouting.

Hooded Roof Vents

The steel or poly roof vent has a wide 15” x 15” inlet area for free air movement. Our pre-punched roof panels offer lap over design on the steel roof vent to prevent leakage of moisture and condensation.