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FlexStor Bagger/Unloader

FlexStor Grain Baggers:
Bagging grain is simple and quick with the FlexStor grain bagging system. There is no waiting for trucks or slow augers, plus the combine can keep running, making harvest more efficient. No waiting in lines at an elevator. Grain goes into the bag at the same moisture it comes out, so commodities can be dried at a later time if needed.

  • New manual brake system - No need to run the tractor hydraulics while bagging.
    (While the new brake system is an independent system, tractor hydraulics are still needed for the two operating cylinders.)
  • The tunnel has been redesigned to be longer, rounder & wider, to accommodate longer grain bags up to 500' long.
  • The only bagging system with hydraulics to lower the top of the tunnel for quick & easy bag installation.
  • Hopper opening has been widened to 8’ X 10’

FlexStor Grain Unloaders:
With the capacity to load a 1,000-bushel trailer in about 7 minutes, the FlexStor Grain Unloader 1060 outperforms the competition, not only in speed, but in durability and reliability. Stable site-to-site transportation, fast setup, easy operation and straightforward maintenance make it a vital part of any grain bag storage strategy.

  • Capacity: 8,500 bu/hr at 540 RPM (PTO)
  • Main Auger: Utilizes a 17-inch main auger made with 1/4-inch flighting.
  • Foldering Auger: Main auger hydraulically folds for easy storage and transportation.
  • Operator Controls: Controls are positioned for easy ground access.
  • Cross Augers: Designed for unrestricted high-flow performance and longevity, the 10-inch cross augers are driven from the outside end by a drive shaft and chain.
  • Bag Roller: At 16 feet wide, the bag roller has ample room for accepting flattened bags as they are emptied and rolled up.

FlexStor Grain Baggers:
Length: 15' 6"
Width: 12' 6"
Height: 9' 11"
Weight: 3,050 lbs
Bags: 10' diameter bags up to 500' long

Tractor Requirements:
100-125 hp
540 PTO
12 gpm hydrualic flow (Minimum)
2,000 psi hydraulic pressure (Minimum)

FlexStor Grain Unloaders:
Operating Dimensions:
Length: 21' 4"
Width: 23' 3"
Height: 16' 11"
Weight: 5,760 lbs

Storage/Travel Dimensions:
Length: 22'
Width: 8' 7"
Height: 8' 7"