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LevALERT Model 9700 Bin Level Indicator

In one quick glance, know the level of material in your bin.

Remains black when material is below indicator. Rotates to yellow when material is at or above indicator.

Stay Safe

Know your bin levels from the ground. Avoid climbing dangerous bin ladders and stairs.

Planning Aid

Install indicators to provide a signal on when to stop filling, order product, turn on a motor, etc.


You can trust our bin level indicators to work all of the time, in even the harshest of conditions. 5 year warranty!


  • Premium 3M reflective indicator easily visible day or night from over 300 feet.
  • Completely mechanical operation. Automatically resets.
  • Install our bin level indicators in under 5 minutes from the outside of the bin.
  • Extra large indicator for high visibility.
  • Activator frame stays tight to bin wall. Ideal for high shear load applications and use with grain spreaders.
  • 5” or 7” Activator Width.
  • Teflon coated silicone Activator.
  • 5 Year Warranty on Bin Level Indicators.
  • Installs on outside of bin, corrugated or flat wall bin styles up to 3/8” in thickness.
  • Operates effectively at temperatures between +180F (82C) to -30F (-35C).
  • Made in USA!

Common Bin Types

  • Wet/Dry Holding Bins
  • Overhead Bins
  • Feed Bins
  • Seed Bins
  • Industrial Bins
  • Corrugated Or Smooth

Popular Uses

  • Grains
  • Feeds
  • Seeds
  • Powders
  • Fertilizer
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Sand
  • Salt
Product NumberWeight RangeGreat For

7" Activator Width

10-55 lbs. / cubic foot toleranceGreat for corn, oats, sunflowers, ground feeds, grass seeds

5" Activator Width

55-100 lbs / cubic foot toleranceGreat for fertilizer, sand,
salt, and cement powders

Optional Micro-Switch

Expand the Indicator’s capabilities by performing an electrical operation. Simply add the optional Micro-Switch to turn off and on motors or lights, sound a horn or alarm, etc.

SPDT. Rated voltage: 125 VAC 3A, 250 VAC 2A, 30 VDC 3A. Cable length: 12”(304 mm) Approved Safety Standards: UL (UL1054)/CSA (CSA C22.2 No.55). RoSH Compliant

Item IDDescription
A91Micro-Switch Only

AC/DC, contains both NO/AC circuity


(AC or DC)

Micro-Switch / Relay Kit
Switch plus AC-120 Relay (or DC12)