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Daay Power

Safest Sweep In The Industry!

3 Major Advantages Over Traditional Auger-Based Systems

  1. Eliminates the labor intensive process of sweeping the remaining 1-2” of grain that an auger based sweep would typically leave behind.
  2. Very minimal entry, if any, into the bin during sweep operation is needed.
  3. The Daay Power Sweep is much safer than auger-based systems.

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  • Manufactured for bins from 15' up to 66'.
  • Single or multiple passes.
  • Up to 5,000 bushel per hour at 350 rpm tightener shaft speed.
  • Powered by the power gearbox so there is no 2nd motor or power cords.
  • Non jack system allows for minimal entry once Daay Power Sweep has been started.
  • The drive is driven by the paddle chain, eliminating the need for another power source.
  • Has a single, segmented 5"x8"x15" tire.
  • It has a flexible pivot joint and stabilizer arms to allow the sweep to move independently from the gearbox. This allows the sweep to adjust to variations in the floor height.
  • It has adjustable stabilizer arms to accommodate variations in the bin size and out of roundness.
  • The rubber drag helps clean the floor for minimal sweeping.
  • The drive wheel is closer to the center of gravity, so the weight of the sweep is transferred to the tire better eliminating the need for a weight bracket.
  • The flexible pivot joint transfers the power from the gear box to the sweep and gives you the flexibility to slow down or speed up the speed of the paddle chain to better match the Bushels per hour of the reclaim system. This will prevent overloading of the sweep and reclaim due to excessive capacity.
  • The inclined pivot section allows the grain to flow the sump, so not matter if your sump is offset of center of your bin, the sweep will be able to achieve max capacity at any position in the bin.
  • There are Pivot kits available for both a new install or to retro fit to your existing power sweep reclaim system.

Note: These values can fluctuate greatly depending on the varying conditions present, including but not limited to; moisture content, grain commodity type and flowability, amount of foreign matter present, and compaction rate. These all play a part in the performance of the paddle sweep. Paddle sweep capacity may also vary as the angle of the sloping grain varies. For optimal performance, dry flowable grain is recommended. The paddle sweep is not intended for use in high moisture grain storage applications or suitable for non-grain commodities including fertilizer, lime, etc. Also, grain that may have gone out of condition due to moisture or insect activity and has become hard or caked will result in diminished capacity.

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