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Cornado Grain Spreader

I had a bin fire in 2019 so I needed a new spreader. Put a Cornado in my bin. I am amazed how great a job it does. No resetting the auger just load in the corn and the Cornado spreads it evenly.

John Fischer, Arcanum, OH

We were very unhappy with power spreaders in our bins that were filled by the dryer due to the fines being concentrated in the center of bins and creating hot spots. The Cornado Spreader has done an excellent job of getting the fines distributed farther out from the center. We have the spreader installed in a 54’ as well as a 48’ and both sizes do a great job. Very happy with the product.

Kyle Warvel, Union City, IN

I've had a 33 foot 9 ring bin with a stirrator in it for about 10 years and every year the battle was on to get the auger just perfect to get the grain somewhat level so it would dry evenly, up and down the bin checking, jack under the axle to adjust side to side, on & off tractor forward - backward, and then half the time giving up and turning the spreader off and run 500 bu in the middle and shovel to the low side at the end of the day. Not what i needed at the end of a long day. I purchased a Cornado Grain Spreader in 2019 that my stirrator actually is suspended from the bottom of the grain spreader. It worked great. I refill this bin 4 or 5 times a year since i grind feed out of it and i never look at it anymore while filling its always level within a couple ripples on a grain bin sheet no matter where the auger is located. I have not used a shovel since.

Vern Muhlenkamp, Portland, IN

After years of struggling with spreaders, finally we have one that we can’t cuss at! They told us whatever you do, don’t overfill and cover the spreader, so one late night was unloading by myself and thought I better see how full it was. Sure enough, too full, but on a 36 foot bin was only 6 inches of variance all around bin. Easy to set and impressive capacity! Still have old spreader in driveway. Putting in 2 more next year!

Tony Grote, Ottoville, OH

We just installed 2 Cornado grain spreaders in our drying bins. We needed a much improved level spreading and distribution of fines. After installation and then filling of the grain bins, they did a perfect job as described of level spreading the corn. When I walked across the bin, probing the corn, the fines are just as even. Now we wish we had done this years ago!

Mike Lefeld

Hands down the best grain spreader we have ever had. We started out with electric spreaders, switched to other brand gravity spreaders & we replaced the spreaders in four bins before harvest this fall to the Cornado Grain Spreader & WOW.......I have never had bins so level!!!!!! We plan to switch the rest of bins before next year.

Matt Timmerman

After switching to the Cornado, I no longer have to shovel grain in the bins anymore. all you have to do is grease it, set the auger up, and hammer down. it can take corn as fast as you can feed it!

Ryan Dahlinghaus

The Cornado is the best when it comes to grain spreaders. I’ve had electric spreaders, gravity fed, but by far this spreader is the real deal! The adjustments are easy, little to no maintenance & just about a perfect spread every load. I would recommend this spreader to anyone that handles any grain of any amount.

Aaron Siefring, New Weston, OH

A fourth-generation farmer wasn't satisfied with any grain spreader he had owned, so he set out to make his own. The patent-pending Cornado Grain Spreader features an adjustable trap door and lower deflector to ensure there is a consistent spread of grain at any flow rate. The unique design allows for access to the grease bearings and the ability to adjust the spreader from the top of the bin.

Created to fit grain bins measuring 24' – 72' in diameter, the Cornado has the ability to handle up to 8,000 bushels/hour. The Cornado Grain Spreader is the only spreader on the market that allows for a Tri-States Grain Temp monitoring cable to be mounted in the center of the grain bin.

-Fits grain bins measuring 24' – 72' in diameter.
-Ability to handle up to 8,000 bushels/hour.
-Can be used for shelled corn, soybeans, wheat or any other flowable crop.

Key Advantages

  • Deep Sump prevents the splashing of grain and makes it easier to set up your auger
  • By design, the V-shaped chute self-centers the grain as it flows down hitting the deflectors which allows for a consistent spread pattern
  • Adjustable trap door helps to consistently spread the grain at any flow rate
  • Ability to adjust grain spreader from the top of the bin
  • Access to grease bearings from the top of the bin
  • Distributes fines and bees wings evenly throughout the bin
  • Allows for a Tri-States Grain Temp monitoring cable to be mounted in the center of your grain bin.
    • The cable is attached to the spreader and can be installed from on top of the bin after the spreader is in place.
    • This is the only spreader on the market with this capability.
    • The center of the bin is the most crucial place to monitor grain (normally that is where a problem will start).
    • The wiring for the cable is completely protected from the flow of grain
    • Patent Pending.
The Cornado Grain Spreader is made in the USA
Product NumberDescriptionBin Size
S224299Cornado Grain Spreader24'-42' in diameter
S226139Cornado Grain Spreader
48'-60' in diameter
TBDCornado Grain Spreader54'-72' in diameter

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