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Livestock Shade

Pro•Tec Safeguard Livestock Shade Shelters provide a comfortable, humane, shielded environment for your livestock.

Whether in open feedlots or pastures, Pro•Tec Safeguard Livestock Shades provide relief for your livestock from the hot sun and extreme heat. Utilize multiple units throughout your feedlots or pastures for enhanced coverage area.


  • Standard height is 10’. 15’ Shelters are also available.
  • Single center post allowing for easy access all around the shelter.
  • Shade can be positioned at an angle.
  • Shade panel blocks 80% of natural light.
  • Ability to roll up and secure shade directly to the shelter frame.
    It is recommended that the shade panel is rolled up in areas that will receive measurable snow prior to the winter season. This will assist in preventing potential damage to the Livestock Shade Shelter.
  • Shelter post is made of heavy duty 7 gauge. Welded frame withstands abuse from livestock.
  • Designed for a 90 mph wind rating.