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Grain Push System

The Grain Push System is a pneumatic air system used for conveying low volumes of grain at a bin site. It is used primarily in conjunction with a batch grain dryer, where the dry grain exits the dryer into the air conveying system & is piped to a storage structure.

The Grain Push System it ideal for transferring grain to or from: dryers, trucks, dump pits, hoppers, storage bins, silos, mixers, bunkers, railcars, and feed bins.


  • Versatile, powerful, and easy to install.
  • Portable enough to service several grain transfer sites.
  • Convenient fork lift base & lifting loops make
    moving the GPS a simple operation.
  • Efficiently and gently “push” grain 100’ to 250’(30m to 75m) or more.
Part No.DescriptionLine SizeCapacity(bph)
PP-30-1GPS Model 30 - 10 HP, Single Phase3"
PP-30-3GPS Model 30 - 10 HP, 3 Phase3" 300-500
PP-40-1GPS Model 40 - 15 HP, Single Phase4" 500-800
PP-40-3GPS Model 40 - 15 HP, 3 Phase4" 500-800
PP-40-3GPS Model 40 - 20 HP, 3 Phase4" 500-800
PP-50-1GPS Model 50 - Twin 10 HP, Single Phase5" 600-1,100
PP-50GPS Model 50 - 30 HP, 3 Phase5" 900-1,300
PP-60GPS Model 60 - 50 HP, 3 Phase6" 1,300-1,900
PP-60GPS Model 60 - 75 HP, 3 Phase6" 1,300-1,900


Capacities above are calculated with 100’ piping - consisting of 70’ horizontal, 30’ vertical and two 90º elbows - moving US #2 corn. Capacities will vary depending on distances, product density, humidity, altitude, and piping set up. Long angles on piping should be avoided. An electric is required for operation of the GPS. Although the panel is offered by the factory, it is recommended that the panel be purchased through your local electrician to meet your individual needs and to comply with local codes. The use of a surge bin or hopper is recommended to feed the GPS ensuring maximum capacity. This will also keep grain quality high as operating at 3/4 capacity or less increases damage.

System Requirements

The use of a surge bin or hopper to feed the GPS is recommended when transferring grain from a dryer. This will allow operation at maximum capacity and provide optimum grain protection. It is also recommended that electric panels be purchased through customer’s local electrician for specific needs and codes. Upon request, electric panels can be provided.