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FlexStor Grain Bag Unloader 1060

Capacity and Speed Meets Ease of Use!

With the capacity to load a 1,000-bushel trailer in about 7 minutes, the FlexStor Grain Unloader 1060 outperforms the competition, not only in speed, but in durability and reliability. Stable site-to-site transportation, fast setup, easy operation and straightforward maintenance make it a vital part of any grain bag storage strategy.


  • Capacity: 8,500 bu/hr at 540 RPM (PTO)
  • Main Auger: Utilizes a 17-inch main auger made with 1/4-inch flighting.
  • Foldering Auger: Main auger hydraulically folds for easy storage and transportation.
  • Operator Controls: Controls are positioned for easy ground access.
  • Cross Augers: Designed for unrestricted high-flow performance and longevity, the 10-inch cross augers are driven from the outside end by a drive shaft and chain.
  • Bag Roller: At 16 feet wide, the bag roller has ample room for accepting flattened bags as they are emptied and rolled up.
  • Bag Roller Assembly: The balanced bag roller assembly pivots and swings from operating to transport position by hand. It locks into transport position with a spring-loaded pin.
  • Bag Knife: An integrated handle, along with stable and robust hinge points, allow the operator to easily and quickly grasp, position and secure the blade for operation or storage. Two cutting positions ensure a positive cut through any bag shape.
  • Chain Drive: Power to the main auger and cross augers is delivered through the PTO and transferred through the U.S.-made gearbox to a No. 80 chain drive oil bath coupling system. This provides unsurpassed reliability to both auger systems.

Operating Dimensions:

Length: 21' 4"
Width: 23' 3"
Height: 16' 11"
Weight: 5,760 lbs

Storage/Travel Dimensions:

Length: 22'
Width: 8' 7"
Height: 8' 7"