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Commercial Bin Roofs

Roof Peak Loads

Peak loads are available for snow loads up to 50 lbs. per square ft. Our commercial bin roofs are designed for an unbalanced snow load which is tested and documented. All calculations include loads from temperature cables. Horizontal forces from the roof rafters are resisted entirely by tension plates/members.

All roofs are rated for 105 MPH wind zone as defined by ASCE 7-10 code. Engineered for ultimate strength, Sioux Steel roof structures are designed for up to 50,000 lbs. of peak load and utilize galvanized
back to back “C” channels
. The large flat tops, varying in diameter from 5’ to 12’, provide multiple connection points to support catwalks and equipment loads.

Our roof has reached new heights. High capacity fill equipment, wind and snow place a variety of loads on a bin roof. Strategic purlin placement between the roof rafters results in a strong and efficient roof substructure. Combining a solid substructure with deep ribbed panels creates a roof with unparalleled performance.

Roof Connectors

Horizontal forces from the roof are resisted inside the eave by tension plates/members. Rafter connectors transfer the vertical forces from the roof directly to the sidewall stiffeners and ultimately to the concrete foundation. This creates a continuous load path.

Temperature Cable Ready Roofs

Roof designs account for loads applied by temperature monitoring cables. The loads applied to the roof structure vary depending on a number of different factors. These factors include grain depth, grain type, moisture content, percentage of pack, and percentage of foreign material. Depending on these factors, each cable may pull down on the roof with over 2000 lbs of force.

Lifeline Tie-Offs

Commercial bins include a lifeline anchor point at the peak of the roof as well as at the man-way. If entrance to the bin is required, these two points provide the entrant with secure tie-off points.

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