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Bunker Walls

Grain storage facilities are taking full advantage of this low cost solution for temporary grain storage. With minimal preparation, bunker wall storage can be put up fast and provide the storage you need at harvest time.

Our bunker walls are professionally engineered and are specifically designed to work with grain aeration equipment.

Wall Sections

  • G-90 galvanized steel sheets with a perforated section.
  • 4’ and 6’ high options.
  • Each wall section is 10’ long.
  • Wall sections are configured to create ob-round (rectangle with rounded ends) storage configurations.
  • 2x6 wood connection point for covers.


  • Bunker wall works with axial, centrifugal or Triumph fans.
  • Solid and perforated corrugated HDPE or galvanized metal aeration pipes (CMP).
  • Bolted connecting bands.
  • Plastic perforated pipe to lay on top of the grain and under the cover.


Various cover materials and cover options such as connection seams with rain flaps and internal strapping system are available. Please contact us to learn more about what option would fit your operational needs.

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