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FlexStor Vac Attach

The FlexStor Vac Attach is an attachment for a grain vac that offers a solution for emptying grain bags. Because of its framed structure equipped with hydraulic driven gathering augers and flexible suction tube for moving grain to the grain vac rubber input hose, the FlexStor Vac Attach simplifies the labor required when emptying grain bags.


  • Simplifies the labor required when emptying grain bags.
  • The tractor steers the gathering augers to keep them centered inside the grain bag during operation.
  • Its inherent weight acts as a counterbalance for lifting/winding the grain bag.
  • Made in the USA!


  • Versatile enough to connect alongside the grain vac or directly behind it.
  • Hydraulic powered gathering augers & bag winders are used to move all the grain to a central suction inlet inside the grain bag that is connected to the grain vac via flexible suction tubing.
  • As the Vac Attach moves rearward into the grain bag, the grain vac is pulled forward as needed by the tractor powering it to stay in close proximity.
  • Height control, counterbalance and hydraulic power is provided by connection to a smaller tractor, acting as a prime mover for the FlexStor Vac Attach.
  • Use of a suitable length suction tube between the two pieces of equipment allows the operator to only move the grain vac forward when changing trucks.
  • The tractor 3 point hitch allows the operator to raise and lower the gathering augers for transport or positioning inside the grain bag. A towbar hitch can also be used when a 3 point hitch is not available.
  • The grain bag is wound onto steel tubular cores that can easily be removed by one person.

Patent Pending