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Farm Storage Grain Bins

Sioux Steel Farm Storage Grain Systems protect grain from all weather conditions. The strong roof stands up to northern snow loads and high winds. Sioux Grain Systems keep grain fresh and in condition for years.

• Quality Bin Storage               • Local Dealers                   • Proven Product
• 10 Year Warranty                  • Excellent Service             • Family Owned Company

10 Year Warranty

Based in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux Steel knows how drastically weather can alter any structure. Sioux Steel offers the longest warranty in the industry on farm bins. Our 10 year warranty comes standard on every Sioux Steel bin.  Plus, there is no additional cost for this feature. You get a great quality bin with a warranty that is the longest in the industry, giving you peace of mind. Sioux Steel stands behind its products and wants you to have the best possible experience.

64 lb/bushel Bins
Sioux Steel Farm Bins are the only bins in the industry designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel! The industry standard is just 60 lb/bushel. Click here to view an informational flyer.


  • G115 galvanized steel is standard on farm bins
  • Farm Bin roofs feature peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Largest manway in the industry!
  • Designed for free flowing grains up to 51 lbs/ft3 (55 lbs/ft3 including compaction).
  • 10 year warranties available on all Sioux Steel bins!


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View the video below to learn more about our Grain Storage Systems.