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Daay Bin

Safest Sweep In The Industry!

We love the sweep because of the ease of use, our employees have minimal entry into the bin and we have very little clean up when the bin is empty. Since we purchased the Daay Sweep it has allowed our company to empty larger bins more often. We no longer worry about breakdowns and costly repairs. Our employees are very pleased and look forward to us installing them in every bin.

Scott Foushee, Pointsett Rice and Grain, Jonesboro, AR

It took a lot of convincing for me to take that first step and buy a Daay Bin Paddle Sweep and I'm glad I did. We were looking for an economical way to meet OSHA guidelines, especially in our small bins, and there just wasn't anything out there.

Three years ago this was an unsolvable problem. Now, it is solved. We are even considering the Daay Bin Paddle Sweeps for our flat storage buildings.

Gordy Lange, Ag Valley Cooperatives, Edison, NE

We’ve been purchasing Paddle Sweeps from Sioux Steel Company for over 10 years now. We have been very satisfied with the performance of their sweeps. They do a thorough job of cleaning our bins out after two rounds in the bin. They also comply with OSHA regulations on bin entry while equipment is running. Our safety team is very pleased with the safety of these sweeps

Dan McBride, Central Valley Ag, York, NE

The safest sweep in the industry! The Daay Bin Paddle Sweep is designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche. The sweep is engineered to the most current specifications in the industry. There are has no dangerous augers to worry about and simply moves the grain with flexible rubber paddles. Explosion proof, all-weather quick change motors and tractor tread tires are among some of the features.

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  • Up to 5,500 bushels per hour capacity.
  • Manufactured to fit in bins up to 105' in diameter.
  • Non jack system allows for minimal entry once Daay Bin Paddle Sweep has been started.
  • Lower input power requirement compared to other sweeps.
  • Does not plug or stall when overrunning the sweep.
  • Drive tire size: 13 x 5.00-6 super lug (foam filled).
  • The tires are designed to slip to keep the sweep from climbing the pile.
    This allows the sweep to clean very close to the floor.
  • Designed to be fully submersed in grain and can unbury itself from a grain avalanche.
  • Housing is made out of 10 gauge material.
  • Moves grain gently and evenly to sump.
  • Explosion proof motor.
  • Adjustable chain and motor mounts.
  • The VFD system is now an available option for the 230v and 460v Daay Bin Paddle Sweep!
    • VFDs are used in applications where:
      • Complete speed control is desired.
      • Energy savings is a goal.
      • Custom control is preferred.

Note: These values can fluctuate greatly depending on the varying conditions present, including but not limited to; moisture content, grain commodity type and flowability, amount of foreign matter present, and compaction rate. These all play a part in the performance of the paddle sweep. Paddle sweep capacity may also vary as the angle of the sloping grain varies. For optimal performance, dry flowable grain is recommended. The paddle sweep is not intended for use in high moisture grain storage applications or suitable for non-grain commodities including fertilizer, lime, etc. Also, grain that may have gone out of condition due to moisture or insect activity and has become hard or caked will result in diminished capacity

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