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Edge Sweep

The Edge Sweep expands on the already significant added features of a paddle sweep by removing grain from the very edge of the bin and allowing for it to be moved and reclaimed by the paddle sweep. Edge Sweeps can be installed on new bin sweeps as well as existing DPS G2 & Daay Bin Paddle Sweeps.

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  • Ability to work around obstructions in the bin up to 12 inches (i.e internally stiffened bins, doors, ladders).
  • Flexible polypropylene bristle head.
  • Standard patent pending slip clutch to allow for zero entry operation / automatic startup.
  • Designed to be left in bin during burial.
  • Moves grain towards the center of the bin to be picked up by the sweep on the second pass.
  • Slip Clutch allows for edge sweep to slip until sweep digs itself out of pile.
  • Slip Clutch also prevents brush head from snapping if it becomes lodged against something that locks rotation.


  • Reduces the labor for the end user.
  • Further reduces need to access the bin.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing Daay Bin Paddle Sweeps or DPS G2 Sweeps.
  • Prevent buildup of old grain and debris on the edge of the bin.

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Note: This is a patent pending design.

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