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The Safest Sweep In The Industry!

The Interceptor is designed for bins with no existing power or screw conveyor unload available on site.

  • Manufactured for bins from 15' up to 60'.
  • Single or multiple passes.
  • 5,500 bushel per hour.
  • Designed for bins with no existing power or screw conveyor unload.
  • Drive is driven by a paddle chain. No additional power sources needed.
  • Heavy duty paddle chain & explosion proof motor.
  • Rubber drag helps clean the floor for minimal sweeping.
  • Paddle Sweep Safely and Gently Moves Grain to Sump
  • Designed to be fully submersed in grain.
  • Can unbury itself from a grain avalanche.
  • Moves grain gently and evenly to sump.
  • Does not plug or stall when overrunning the sweep.
  • The tire is designed to slip to keep the sweep from climbing the pile.
  • The drive wheel is closer to the center of gravity, so the weight of the sweep is transferred to the tire better, eliminating the need for a weight bracket.
  • The VFD system is now an available option for the 230v and 460v Interceptor!
    • VFDs are used in applications where:
      • Complete speed control is desired.
      • Energy savings is a goal.
      • Custom control is preferred.

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