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Equipment Accessories

Nose Bar (S186241)
Bar swings across the front to hold the head in a firm position while working. Bars swing out of the way for animal exit. Can only be utilized with automatic head gates. Cattle do not have the ability to move their head while ear tags or horns are removed, and while veterinarian work is being performed.

Brisket Bars (S180295)
Utilized in the squeeze chutes to keep cattle from laying down. Available for squeeze chutes with one-piece Shelby floors and steel floors.

Palp Cage Filler (S197610PG)
Utilized on the inside of the palp cage doors, these panels easily hook to the top of the door to decrease the total width of the palp cage. Each filler panel is 6" in depth. Add 2 panels to the palp cage to decrease the total width of the cage by one foot. Keeps consistent width from alley to palp cage to chute when equipment is squeezed down. Helps cattle continue to move forward and prevents them from turning around.

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