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Hydraulic Calf Chute

The latest HiQual innovation! The Hydraulic Calf Chute also works as a tipping table to work calves. Hydraulic Squeeze and Headgate along with spring-loaded drop-down fold-away bars to access calf when in tipping position.

Drop-down doors for access to calf when in regular stand-up chute position. Hydraulically operated scissor-style tailgate to prevent calf from entering when in alley.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 7’2”L x 4’7”W x 5’11”H 6’5”W w/hyd controls out
  • Squeeze Width: At floor: 10” wide. At Top Bar: 1” Min. – 25” max
  • Weight: 1342 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Scissor style tailgate is easy to operate and provides much better control than traditional guillotine gates
  • Neck extender hold tension with gas filled struts
  • Complete chute tilts with hydraulics to 78 degrees, allowing some gravity to be used for weight to be at the bottom of the chute
  • High-tensile, 58,000 psi tubular steel
  • Optional trailer kit
  • Can accommodate up to 800 lbs. calves
  • 25' of hydraulic hose for use with any type of power pack
  • Hydraulic controls fold away for ease of transport and storage
  • Table side has 4 fold down doors for access to calf when in chute position
  • Working side of the chute has spring loaded bars for ease of access to the calf
  • Powder coated HiQual brown color