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Sioux Steel In-Line Gate

Highlighted Features & Advantages

  • Scissor style gate provides more control of cattle in alley requiring less handling time and effort
  • Confines cattle so they can't get over, under or around, resulting in fewer injuries
  • Gas cylinder holds gate in position for better control
  • Less effort required to open or close gate
  • Dual handles allow gate to be opened from either side for greater versatility
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Available in left or right hand configuration

Suggested Applications

  • All cattle operations
  • Arena return alleys

*Note: Not all Sioux Steel /HiQual Livestock Equipment will connect with other Sioux Steel/HiQual Livestock Equipment. An adapter piece may also be necessary to purchase. Please consult with our Customer Service Team at 877-872-3073 to learn more.