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Cornerless Crowding Tub

We replaced all the gates with Sioux Steel gates and purchased a Sioux head gate/squeeze chute combination. We have worked the same cows with Sioux products and have been amazed at the difference. Numerous times we have had full grown cows try to get out of these gates, and they did not buckle at all.

The head gate/squeeze chute combination has been nothing short of amazing. No cows have been injured and they are much safer for the operators. I highly recommend Sioux Steel gates and cattle handling equipment.

Dr. Jim Gore, Gore Farms

The extra large tub size and catwalk on tub and alley are both standard features. Enclosed sides make cattle feel safe. Two separate ways for alley and chute alignment allowing for greater flexibility when configuring equipment.

Our cornerless crowding tub is also featured in our portable working equipment system.

System sections are bolted together allowing replacement of parts versus entire system. This feature also allows the system to be broken down and moved if needed. Tub is completely assembled at factory, except catwalk.

  • 8' cornerless tub.
  • 16' total length.
  • Bolted system.
  • Multiple entries & exits.
  • Full catwalk comes standard.
  • 6' high tubs sides.
  • 2" square tubing construction around tub.0
  • Left or right hand options available.

3 Year Warranty

If this crowding tub is ever damaged so that it cannot be used for its intended purpose, we will repair or replace at no charge to you, our customer. Read more about our Livestock Warranties.

Product #DescriptionWeight
S191671Right Handed Crowding Tub1500 lbs.
S198846Left Handed Crowding Tub1500 lbs.

*Note: Not all Sioux Steel /HiQual Livestock Equipment will connect with other Sioux Steel/HiQual Livestock Equipment. An adapter piece may also be necessary to purchase. Please consult with our Customer Service Team at 877-872-3073 to learn more.