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HiQual Classic Calving Pen

The HiQual Classic Calving Pen provides a safe environment for the animal and operator throughout the calving process. Many patented features like the double acting gate and spring loaded stanchion adjustments are on this unit to make it easy to use, safe for the livestock and operator. The Calving Pen is also a great alternative if you are in need of animal confinement equipment and don't have enough livestock to justify the purchase of a HiQual Hydraulic Squeeze Chute.

Highlighted Features & Advantages

  • Double rolling doors in front for safe access in and out of pen
  • Safe handling in emergency situations
  • Automatic Headgate
  • Easy stanchion width adjustment
  • Patented ratchet lock in squeeze gate
  • Double opening entrance gate latch allows access from both sides
  • Panels at rear of cow all swing away to maximize working area & remove corner post

Suggested Applications

  • Cow/Calf operations
  • Show cattle being trained to lead
  • Dimensions:
    • Outside: 10' W x 12' L x 7' H
    • Inside: 8' x 10' adjustable to 10' x 10'
  • Material:
    • Headgate Cable: ¼" galvanized aircraft cable
    • Headgate Stanchions: 2 ⅜ x .188 steel tubing
    • Entrance Panel: Frame: 2¼" x 11 gauge round; Gate: 2" x 16 gauge round
    • Side Panel: 2" x 14 gauge round & 1 ½ x 16 gauge square with 105" L x 36" H sheeting
    • Front Panel: Door Posts & Rails: 2" x 14 gauge round; Frame Posts & Rails: 2" x 11 gauge round
    • 10' Panel: Rails: 2" x 16 gauge round; Posts: 2" x 14 gauge round
  • Paint: Baked on powder coat paint
  • Weight (in pounds): 1238 lbs.
  • Optional floor available