Hog Feeders

Supreme Model S142002: 60 bu. Capacity

Advanced Scalloped Trough Really Saves Feed! Here’s how…

  1. Advanced scalloped trough provides a “natural” opening contoured to the hogs jowl. Large head clearance allows the hog to adopt a comfortable stance and conduct eating motions inside the feeder.
  2. Advanced trough slope eliminates areas where feed would otherwise pack and spoil – and returns any dragged feed back into the feeding zone where the hog can get to it.
  3. Scalloped design goes even further to reduce the inaccessible area below door channels by effectively shortening their length.


  • Advanced scalloped trough design saves feed
  • Provides 12 large openings “natural” to hog anatomy.
  • Advanced scalloped trough design saves feed


  • Long-lasting trough is heavy galvanized 12 gauge steel warranted
  • Largest feed-saver flange on the market.
  • Strongest plastic door on the market.
  • Seamless spun steel top cover with reinforcement beads.
  • W-rod hinged top cover.
  • Polyethylene skid runners that never rust.

Features a convenient top-crank feed adjustment with four rigid 5/8” adjustment tubes.

Product #DescriptionWeight
S14200260 Bushel Complete335 lbs.
S14270260 Bushel (less lid)265 lbs.
S14280260 Bushel (less bottom doors)303 lbs.
S14290260 Bushel (less lid & bottom doors)281 lbs.
S142051Bottom- Complete with Doors
(no hardware)
143 lbs.
S142054Bottom- Less Doors (no hardware)122 lbs.