Open Bottom Hay Feeder

Sioux Steel's Open Bottom Hay Feeder is one of our most popular hay feeders. Features rounded 9" x 20" mud legs. Add the optional
polyethylene kick shield to limit feed waste.

  • Color: Prairie Gold
  • Gauge: 1.66" x 16
  • Diameter: 8'
  • Openings: 15
  • Height: 46.75"

Notes: Hi-tensile, 50,000 psi steel tubing and powder coated. 8' diameter with slant bars. 3 sections bolted together.

Product #DescriptionWeight
SSO83HFOpen Bottom Hay Feeder131 lbs.
S15562Optional Kick Shield18 lbs.
S13301(1 Section) Open Bottom Hay Feeder44 lbs.

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