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HiQual Grain Bunk

In another industry first, HiQual's all steel bunks use corrugated side panels to dramatically increase strength and longevity. With many round bottom bunks, smaller calves climb inside and are unable to get out. HiQual's v-bottom is easy to clean and allows the calf to stand up and get out. Drain holes at each end and skid legs are also standard features.

Highlighted Features & Advantages

  • Feeder for grain
  • Strong Heavy Duty all steel construction with corrugated sides
  • V bottom with drain holes ensures total feed consumption & easy clean up
  • Optimal connector keeps bunks in line

Suggested Applications

  • All types and sizes of animals
  • Grain Bunk Length: 11' 6"
  • Dimensions: 11 ½" long x 30" wide x 22" high x 9" deep
  • Sheeting: 16 gauge, corrugated steel sheeting, hemmed & continuous with 14 gauge ends
  • Frame: 1 ¼" x 16 gauge square
  • Weight (in pounds): 152
  • Capacity: 18 cubic feet or 126 US gallons or 14 bushels
  • Legs: 1 ¼" x 16 gauge square
  • Ends: Squared
  • Paint: Baked on powder coat paint
  • Warranty: 1 year

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