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Ladder & Cage System
Manufactured from sturdy aluminum sections that fit the bin side wall with each ring.  An economical way to gain access to the roof of the bin while keeping your safety in mind. Multiple platform configurations on a single bin are available to create a midway rest point. Platforms can be built for right or left hand operation.

Solid, Tieless Walk-In Doors
Truly a walk-in door with no cross ties. Clear span opening allows anyone to walk in & out without having to crawl or unbolt any parts.

Floor & Floor Support System
Designed to develop equal air pressure under the entire floor surface. Floor supports are available in 20 or 17 gauge. Made from galvanized steel formed with ten vertical ribs to support grain depths up to 37 feet at the eave. Floor planks available in 20, 18 & 16 gauge.

LJI Floor Support System
High strength per square foot of floor, unobstructed air movement, ease of erection and stability and savings in total bin cost are just a few of the features of this floor support system.

Roof Stairs/Handrails
Wide walkways with double hand and intermediate rails. Handrails are sizes to fit outside the top roof rungs.

Peak Walk-Arounds
Sizes to fit center fill holes of most bins. 7’, 9’, 10’ and 13’6” sizes available.

Bin Unloads
From auger to paddle sweep unloads, Sioux Steel company has the system that meets your needs. The Daay Power Sweep is designed to be fully submersed in grain and has a capacity of 5,000 bushels per hour. This paddle chain unload is safe and gently moves grain to the sump.

Sidewall Stairs
Fit on 15’ to 48’ bins with 44” sidewall sheet using existing holes in the sheets. Stairs can go on in either direction depending on your operational needs.

Grain Gauge
Cost effective method to accurately monitor the levels of material in your bin. As the material in your bin reaches the device, it pushes against the activator, turning the color from black to green. 

Grain Push System
Pneumatic air system used for conveying low volumes of grain at a bin site. Ideal for transferring grain to or from: dryers, trucks, dump pits, hoppers, storage bins, silos, mixers, bunkers, railcars, and feed bins.

Copper theft is a one billion dollar industry annually. Each $1 of copper stolen costs $100 to replace. The BinSnitch is easy and affordable protection, created for farmers by farmers.


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