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Round End Poly Tanks

  • Won’t rust, corrode, or rot
  • All one piece; no seams, no solder, no place to leak
  • All parts are uniform in thickness- no thin corners or edges
  • All corners and edges are rounded and smooth
  • Safe for all livestock; hogs, pigs, cattle, horses
  • Use it in confinement, field, feedlot or pasture
  • Hog drinkers can be installed
Product # DescriptionWeight
FPSRE22495 gallon (4ft long x 2' wide)26 lbs.
FPSRE226150 gallon (6ft long x 2' wide)38 lbs.
FPSRE224P 95 gallon w/ 1 drinker (4ft long x 2' wide)40 lbs.
FPSRE226P150 Gallon w/ 1 drinker (6ft long x 2' wide)56 lbs.
FPSRE21560 gallon Sheep Tank16 lbs.
S178239Cross Bar 4ft/6ft Tanks (1) 4ft (2) 6ft1.3 lbs