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EQM Fan Control

The EQM Control is available for 5-50hp Centrifugal Fans & 7.5-10hp Triumph Fans. The controls are capable of controlling a fan utilizing equilibrium moisture.

What does it do?

Equilibrium Moisture (EQM) is the temperature and humidity combination needed to bring or keep grain at a specific moisture. The EQM Control supplies EQM air, driving the grain moisture to the desired target moisture.

How does it work?

The EQM Control senses the temperature and relative humidity of the air being delivered to the bin, working to keep grain at the target moisture level.
• If the air is too wet or to dry and if you are using a VFD, it will slow down the fan and maintain the drying front.
• If the air is at target, the fan will run at full speed (if using VFD)
• If you do not have a VFD, when the air is to wet or to dry the fan will shut off.

What are the safeguards?

Limits can be set for the maximum and minimum allowable temperature, humidity, and equilibrium moisture.

To ensure the reliability of single phase motors when not using a VFD the operator can limit the numbers of starts and stops of the motor.

How do you know what it's doing?

The EQM Control produces its own WiFi to interface to any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Your device will display the current conditions with gauges as well as graph conditions over a user selected timeframe.

Can I use the EQM Control with my bin fan?

The EQM Control can be attached to Sioux Steel fans as well as competitor’s fans as a retrofit kit.

Can I use the EQM Control with a VFD?

The preferred equipment is with a VFD which enables slowing down the fan when the outside air is too dry. This prevents over-drying and stagnation of the drying front. If there is no VFD, the fan stops and starts to reduce the amount of air when the air is too dry.

Can I add moisture with the EQM Control?

Moisture can be added over time. However, it takes much longer to add moisture than to remove moisture for most grains.

5-50HP Centrifugal Fans & 7.5-10HP Triumph Fan Package:

  1. EQM FAN CONTROL PACKAGE (Part# S224250)
    Offers EQM monitoring

    • Control Box
    • Temp Relative Humidity Sensor

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