Livestock Solutions

Our Livestock Equipment:
We offer a wide variety of livestock equipment including cattle handling equipment, lifetime guaranteed gates, hay feeders, mineral feeders, and much more.

“As a bull rider, I know all about being tough. That’s why I am a proud dealer of 
Sioux Steel products, the toughest livestock product on the market."
Shawn Coleman - Sioux Steel Warrior


Our Livestock Division:
Our Livestock Division of Sioux Steel Company is another step towards growth and expansion. Our 60,000 square foot metal building facility is located on 10 acres within the industrial park area of Lennox, SD. Just a few blocks away from Koyker Manufacturing, our state-of-the-art facility has a drive through receiving area with a sixty-foot span overhead, five-ton crane system. A back-up truck dock is also incorporated with a dock seal and load leveler.

A state-of-the art powder coating line provides a more durable long-lasting product as well as eliminates the release of solvents into the air that may harm the environment. Sioux Steel’s Livestock Division is the largest powder coating line in the region.

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View our video playlist below to learn more about our Livestock Solutions.