Durable, High Quality Gates


Victory Gates  (16 Gauge)

Prairie gold powder coated with round tops. Our heaviest,
most durable gate with heavy-duty z-bar vertical braces.

2" Victory   (Lifetime)         2" Victory Tall   (Lifetime)
1.66" Victory                        2" Victory Hog

Hi-Country Gates  (16 Gauge)

Brown powder coated with square tops. A high quality,
working gate with notched horizontal & center verticals.

2" Hi Country Heavy Duty   (Lifetime)
2" Hi Country Cattleman's   (Lifetime) 
2" Hi Country Super Six      (Lifetime) 
1.5"Hi Country General Duty

Guardian Gates  (18 Gauge)

Red powder coated with round tops. A higher quality, economy gate with heavy-duty z-bar vertical braces. 2" Red Guardian

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Watch this video to learn more about our gates, including ones that feature our