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1.5" Victory Gate

Heavy-duty Z-bar vertical braces, rounded tops, and prairie gold powder coating make this one of our most popular livestock products and a must have on your farm or ranch.


At Sioux Steel Company, we are proud to support R-CALF USA. R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund United Stockgrowers of America), a national, non-profit organization, is dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. Look for the "Be Cool Support R-Calf USA" sticker on the following Sioux Steel gates:

  • 2” Victory Gate
  • 1.5” Victory Gate
  • 2” Victory Tall Gate
  • 2” Guardian Gate

You can now buy your own Be Cool, Support R-CALF USA sticker to put on your Sioux Steel gates! Visit Ag Parts Direct to buy your stickers.

  • Color: Prairie Gold
  • Gauge:1.5" x 16
  • Height: 50"
  • Bars: 6
  • Corners: Round

Notes: Hi-tensile, 50,000 psi steel tubing, z-bar vertical braces, patented t-slot latch and a 36" chain are standard on this gate model. Hinges sold separately.

*Sioux Steel Victory Gates are sold without hinges. Order hinges separately. Actual gate lengths are 5" shorter than stated lengths.

Product #DescriptionWeight
SS450STK150LH4' 1.5" Victory Gate30 lbs.
SS650STK150LH6' 1.5" Victory Gate43 lbs.
SS850STK150LH8' 1.5" Victory Gate57 lbs.
SS1050STK150LH10' 1.5" Victory Gate69 lbs.
SS1250STK150LH12' 1.5" Victory Gate81 lbs.
SS1450STK150LH14' 1.5" Victory Gate96 lbs.
SS1650STK150LH16' 1.5" Victory Gate108 lbs.
SS1850STK150LH18' 1.5" Victory Gate123 lbs.

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