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SCAFCO Centrifugal & Axial Fans

Centrifugal Fans

Available in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz, with low and high speed configurations. SCAFCO centrifugal fan housings are precision fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel, which is rust resistant, provides an attractive finish and has a long life span. Fan housings are bolted together, using as few pieces as possible to increase the strength and reduce the number of seams that can cause air leakage or wear problems.

Axial Fans

SCAFCO axial fans deliver high capacity airflow at maximum performance. Axial fans feature all galvanized steel bodies, heavy-duty cast aluminum blades and energy efficient electric motors. Axial fans are available in a variety of diameters and horsepower ratings.

All of SCAFCO Fans Features

  • Fan housings are bolted together using as few pieces as
    possible to increase strength and reduce the number of
    seams that can cause air leakage problems.
  • Housings are made from heavy gauge galvanized steel
    and are built to last.
  • All fans are supplied with high efficiency motors to help
    reduce overall facility energy use.
  • Many models are available with single or three phase motors
    All elements including wheels, inlet cones, and housings
    are matched for optimum efficiency.
  • A safety screen provides protection and prevents large
    particles from entering the fan housing. The screen can
    be removed without disturbing any other parts of the fan.
  • Each fan is tested and dynamically balanced prior to
    shipping to guarantee proper function and ensure a
    smooth performance over a long period of time.
  • SCAFCO’s knowledgeable and experienced engineering department will size the complete fan system to meet the specific project requirements
  • All SCAFCO fans and accessories are made in the U.S.A.

SCAFCO Fans Accessories

Roof Exhauster Fans
SCAFCO Roof Exhauster Fans are mounted high on the roof
so that more moisture can be released during the aeration
process, which reduces the amount of moisture deposited
on the upper portion of the grain during cooling.

Fan Shutters
Fan shutters are recommended for multiple fan
installations and to prevent under-floor pressure from
pushing air back through a fan that is not running.

Fan Carts
A fan cart is an economical option for moving a single fan
from bin to bin when purchasing multiple fans is not feasible.

Fan Transitions
Transitions feature a galvanized steel housing with
overlapping seams to create an air-tight seal for a long life
of dependable use.

Centrifugal Fans

  • Centrifugal Fans utilize
    high quality, totally enclosed, fan cooled
    motors (TEFC).
  • High-strength adjustable
    foot structures assist
    with leveling the unit and
    provide the fan support
    needed for smooth
  • Static pressures up to 11"
    (280 mm) on 1750 RPM
  • Easy to adjust by using a
    1 1/16" (27 mm) wrench to
    maintain level mounting
    3 HP – 50 HP (2.25
    kW – 37.5 kW) models
  • Options available for high
    speed 3500 RPM models
    Low sound level with 1750
    RPM models.

In-line Centrifugal Fans

  • Suited for high static
    pressures beyond the
    performance range of
    axial fans.
  • In-Line Centrifugal Fans
    utilize high quality,
    totally-enclosed, fan
    cooled motors (TEFC).
    Static pressures up to 11"
    (280 mm).
  • 2 HP – 15 HP (1.5 kW –
    11.2 kW) models available.
  • Options available for 50
    Hz models.

Axial Fans

  • Totally-enclosed, air over, (TEAO)
    motors are standard.
  • Static pressures up to 4" (102 mm).
  • 0.75 HP – 7.5 HP (0.56 kW – 5.6
    kW) models available.
  • Options available for 50 Hz models.

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