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SCAFCO Catwalks and Towers

SCAFCO structural steel catwalks and towers are custom-designed to meet project requirements. All custom SCAFCO structures bolt together on site and can be designed to meet varying live, wind and seismic requirements. Structures allow the flexibility to add platforms, walk-around access as needed where necessary. All structural catwalks and towers are hot-dip galvanized to ensure many years of maintenance-free reliability and are fabricated by certified welders.

Bolt-together, all-galvanized steel catwalks are available in standard widths of 48”, 58” and 68” (1.22 m, 1.47 m and 1.72 m), with clear spans up to 50’ (15.25 m). Each catwalk includes a 24” (610 mm) wide non-skid walkway. Full-width walkway versions are available for personnel safety. All catwalks are manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel with G-115 coated steel (min. 350 gr/m2 zinc) and are available in increments of 4’0” (1.22 m) and standard lengths of 12’0” (3.66 m).

Tower Features

  • SCAFCO designs and manufactures towers to meet project site requirements.
  • SCAFCO elevator support towers are designed with integral stairways and platforms and are constructed with structural steel columns, beams, and braces.

Catwalk Features

  • SCAFCO can design catwalks and equipment to connect at any angle and incline required by the project site.
  • Catwalks may be designed to support conveyors of any width. Walkways may be supplied with structural bar grating or cold formed slip resistant decking.

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