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SCAFCO Bucket Elevators

SCAFCO bucket elevators are built strong, reliable, and designed to be fast and efficient for all stages of material handling. Each system is designed and engineered to meet specific agricultural, commercial, and industrial requirements.

Bucket Elevator Features

  • Made with corrosion-resistant G-115 (min. 350 gr/m2 zinc) galvanized coating, giving a durable, long lasting quality finish.
  • Heavy-duty, crowned-face, double-disc drum pulley with static-conductive, oil resistant and fire retardant lagging is standard on all models.
  • Galvanized 14 gauge (1.83 mm) steel construction with bolt together seams prevent corrosion from moisture and dust accumulation
  • Galvanized 12 gauge (2.59 mm) steel construction with bolt together seams prevent corrosion from moisture and dust accumulation on higher capacity (8,000 BPH/200 TPH) models and larger
  • Maintenance friendly 5’ (1.52 m) inspection section with 4’ (1.22 m) removable panels at both front and back
  • Guy cable brackets are standard to provide stability and maintain trunk alignment
  • Bolted trunking with continuous sealant along flanges and splices Ladders feature 16” (406 mm) clear width galvanized slip-resistant rungs
  • Rest platforms are provided for ladders at every 30’ (9.14 m) vertical rise

Bucket Elevator Options

  • ¼” (6.40 mm) expanded metal-backed urethane head housing and hood liners.
  • Head and distributor service platforms.
  • Ladder and safety cage with rest platforms.
  • Belt alignment and speed monitors.
  • Bolt-on shovel pocket (field installed).

Bucket Elevator Heads

Elevator Heads

Two piece full-radius contoured hoods minimize wear, improve material discharge flow, and offer easy interior accessibility.


Platforms are punched with a slip resistant pattern and feature a hatch that can be closed over the ladder access port. Built to OSHA safety standards, SCAFCO platforms provide easy access to the motor and drive.

Service Panels

SCAFCO elevator heads feature service panels on each side allowing for easy maintenance. These panels are weather-tight and flush to the inside.


Energy efficient motors are available for both domestic and international use.

Trunking And Ladders

Engineered to be sturdy and strong, SCAFCO trunking will keep your bucket elevators standing tall for years to come. A unique bolt-together splice flange design provides rigidity and a weather tight seal.

Optional SCAFCO Bucket Elevator ladders are designed to be lightweight, easy to assemble and manufactured to meet OSHA safety standards.


Buckets are constructed from a durable non-sparking polyethylene. Optional steel, nylon, or urethane buckets are also available.


Trunk sections are connected using SCAFCO’s own unique splicing design, with no welding required.

Inspection Section

Field installed inspection sections can be located in four different configurations allowing for easy access and maintenance.

Elevator Ladders

Built to OSHA safety standards, SCAFCO ladders are sturdy and feature safety cages designed to improve climbing safety.

Elevator Boots

SCAFCO Elevator boots are made of 11 gauge (3 mm) galvanized steel with bolted, angled vertical stiffeners and feature belt-tension take-up screws, utilizing corrosion-resistant ACME threaded rod. 7 gauge (4.55 mm) is standard on higher capacity models.

Flange Bearing

Externally mounted flange bearing provides material separation to prevent material contamination, lower operation temperatures, and provide easy access for maintenance and service.

Belt Tension Take-Up Screws

1” (25 mm) Acme threaded rod for maintaining belt tension and alignment.

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