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Verdant Garden Beds

Verdant Garden Beds are the perfect way for people with limited space to enjoy a garden! For the beginner to expert gardener, these heavy duty steel garden beds give you control over soil and drainage preferences. For a great looking flower bed or garden, create a rustic new look to a familiar tradition.

  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Garden Bed
  • Easy to Assemble
  • All Verdant Garden Beds are 18” tall
  • Corrugated, 18 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Made in the USA!
  • Multiple Sizes to Choose From

Benefits of Garden Beds

  • Garden beds take up very little space and can be placed anywhere depending on your garden's needs.
  • Soil in raised beds warms up more quickly in spring so planting can be done earlier.
  • Instead of spending hours weeding, raised garden beds help prevent those unwanted visitors from growing around your vegetation. Save time this summer!
Product #DescriptionPrice
S2205452’x 2’$128.95
S2205462’x 4’$157.95
S2204344’x 4’$171.95
S2205302’x 7.5’$206.95
S2205274’x 7.5’$233.95
S2211782' Add On Extension Package$117.95
S2208784' Add On Extension Package $117.95

Additional length can be created by adding extension packages giving you the flexibility to build the perfect sized garden bed.

Custom Sizes Available!

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