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2785 PRO Loader

With Pro Loaders you are able to roll back larger loads with superior lift capacity and heights. The soft ride nitrogen accumulator (optional feature) is easy-riding, making it easier on the mount, the loader, the tractor and YOU!

  • Mechanical Self-Leveling
  • Euro Attachment System
  • Uni-Seal Pistons
  • Greaseless
  • Increased Roll Back Angle & Force
  • Soft Ride Nitrogen Accumulator

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Description of Equipment Rated
3.1 Loader ModelKoyker Pro 2785 Bucket Width8' Capacity36 ft
3.3.1 Rated Flow25 GPM
3.3.2 Maximum Pressure2900 PSI
Lift Cylinder Dia. (Inches)3 1/2
Attachment Cylinder Dia. (Inches)3 1/4
Tractor HP Range180 - 280
Dimensional Specifications
4.1.4 (A) Lift Height15' 6"
4.1.2 (B) Lift Height Under Level Bucket14' 6"
4.1.3 (C) Clearance with Bucket Dumped12' 2"
4.1.5 (E) Max Dump Angle50°
4.1.7 (G) Max Rollback Angle42°
4.1.8 (H) Digging Depth6"
4.1.9 (J) Overall Height in Carry Position7' 8"
Operational Specifications
5.1.1 (U) Lift Capacity at Max Height at Pivot Pin6060 lbs
5.1.2 (V) Lift Capacity at Max Height (31.5)4315 lbs
5.1.3 (W) Lift Capacity at 59" Height at Pivot Pin7195 lbs
5.1.4 (X) Lift Capacity at 59" Height (31.5)5770 lbs
5.1.5 (Y) Break Out Force at Pivot Pin8670 lbs
5.1.6 (Z) Break Out Force6675 lbs
5.1.10 Raise Time (seconds)5.8
5.1.11 Lowering Time (seconds)3.9
5.1.12 Bucket Dumping Time (seconds)3.8
5.1.13 Bucket Rollback Time (seconds)2.7 Description of Equipment Rated