Dust Control & Prevention





Reduces Dust For Cleaner Loading Of
Trucks, Rail Cars, Storage Containers, Bags Or Stockpiles

::  Reduces Hazards, Health Risks And Maintenance Costs
::  Uncomplicated To Install, Easy To Operate
::  Perfect For Grain Elevators, Mills, Fertilizer Plants & Quarries

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Dust Suppression Hopper Reduces Total Dust By 98%!
Office of Mine Safety and Health Research - OMSHR Independent Study Results

The Dust Suppression Hopper is installed under a feed point where it can be suspended above the target and kept at operating level. A small degree of natural agitation as the hopper is filled helps exclude air from the material being transferred.

At the point of loading, or transferal, the DSH System concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a solid column through free air into any target repository including trucks, rail cars, storage containers, bags or stockpiles.

Previously, trucks taking on a load literally disappeared in the dust cloud. Uncomplicated to install and easy to operate, the DSH System will reduce hazards and health risks, dust and wastage. Models are robust and easy to operate and maintain. By reducing product
shrinkage, you can sell more of your product.

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Blue T super, Bourucaa rock, DAP, MAP, Feed phosphate, Keserite, Potsulf, Sulphur, Urea

Dolomite lime, Lime (granular), Potash, RPR fertiliser, Serp super, Togo rock

Revel A, Salt - coarse, Salt - plain table, Raw sugar, Refined sugar

Bauxite, Gravel, Kaolin, Magnesite, Olivine, Sands, Salt - deicing, Soda ash

Barley, Barley moultings, Canola meal, Corn, Corn germ, Corn gluten, Corn gluten feed, Corn gluten meal, Corn gluten pellets, Cotton seed meal, DDG’s, Pepsoygen, Rapeseed meal, Sorghum, Soybeans, Soybean meal, Soybean hulls, Soybean pellets, Wheat


  • Standard model uses no utilities & no internal moving parts.
  • Reduce maintenance, cleaning & storage costs.
  • Relocate or turn off dust extraction.   
  • Reduce loss of fugitive fines.
  • Faster, cleaner truck, stockpile and rail car loading. 
  • Reduce product shrinkage & improve visibility while loading.
  • Improve your employee health and safety.
  • Improve air quality for your environmental community.
  • Enables operation closer to urban areas. 

Editorial from Dry Cargo International
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Easily add a Dust Suppression Hopper to your ProTec Grain Storage

View the video below to learn more about our award winning DSH system.

View Before & After footage of the DSH System in action!

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