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Mini & Bulk Feed Bins


Mini Feed Bin Features:

As a result of high energy costs and the desire to lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, the corn heating industry has expanded rapidly in the past few years. Heating with corn is an excellent alternative to the traditional heating methods of natural gas, propane, and electricity.

  • Storage for: Corn burning stoves, various grain pellets, bulk seed or anything you need.
  • With the increasing popularity of  corn-burning stoves, the mini corn bin offers a solution for storing the corn needed to burn those stoves.
  • Ideal for small hobby farms.
  • Available in 40 and 65 bushel capacities.

Download a Mini Feed Bin Information Sheet

Bulk Feed Bin Features:

  • Bulk Feed Bins offer safe, dry feed 17 storage and are available in 6’, 7’, and 9’ sizes.
  • 4” wide corrugation reduces the resistance to downward flow of feed, feed hang-up and bridging.
  • Industry tests have proven that wide corrugation gives 25% more vertical strength than narrow, and almost twice the strength of bins with none.
  • The weather-tight die-formed roof has reinforcing ribs at the seams for added strength.
  • 23 1/2” diameter, warp-resitant spun cap locks down tight.
  • The taper hopper sections are offset to allow smooth feed flow.
  • Bin sheets are made of heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel.
  • The leg bracing is engineered for greater strength and stability.

Download a Bulk Feed Information Sheet


SBB6132 6FT X 1 ROW 2.7 427 lbs.
SBB6232 6FT X 2 ROW 4.3 523 lbs.
SBB6332 6FT X 3 ROW 5.9 618 lbs.
SBB6432 6FT X 4 ROW 7.5 715 lbs.
SBB7132 7FT X 1 ROW 4.6 724 lbs.
SBB7232 7FT X 2 ROW 6.7 833 lbs.
SBB7332 7FT X 3 ROW 8.9 943 lbs.
SBB7432 7FT X 4 ROW 11.1 1,052 lbs.
SBB7532 7FT X 5 ROW 13.3 1,252 lbs.
SBB7632 7FT X 6 ROW 15.4 1,360 lbs.
SBB9132 9FT X 1 ROW 7.4 1,015 lbs.
SBB9232 9FT X 2 ROW 11.0 1,154 lbs.
SBB9332 9FT X 3 ROW 14.6 1,350 lbs.
SBB9432 9FT X 4 ROW 18.2 1,519 lbs.
SBB9532 9FT X 5 ROW 21.8 1,700 lbs.
SBB9632 9FT X 6 ROW 25.4 1,930 lbs.

S180122 40 BUSHEL MINI BIN 211 lbs.
S183678 65 BUSHEL MINI BIN 338 lbs.

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