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Pro·Tec Buildings provide natural lighting and superior ventilation. You can use these buildings for any type of storage, including livestock shelters and grain storage! They are also the perfect solution for storing equipment or hay. Pro·Tec Buildings offer unbeatable strength and durability and are engineered to meet the needs of large operations. With Pro·Tec Buildings, you get a one-of-a-kind design manufactured right here in the USA!


Grain Storage

As farms and cooperatives grow larger, they are seeking a better way to store their product. Sentry Series options are available for just this purpose. Our buildings fit your needs by offering large capacity economical corn storage! Plus these flexible multi-use storage buildings can serve other storage needs when not in use for grain storage. Flat grain storage is a popular and cost-effective way to store high quantities of grain and other commodities. By adding the Grain Shield to your Sentry Building, you can store up to 30%+ more grain. Our grain storage facilities are engineered to utilize Load-In Conveyors and offer optional in-floor aeration & unload options.

“In today’s environment, we wanted to add storage that would give us maximum flexibility. Our hope is that every year we are able to fill this building with grain. The reality is that we have experienced times that grain was short and our need for storage was not as great. With this building, we believe that it gives us flexibility to use it for other purposes, such as seed storage, equipment storage, and even possibly fertilizer storage. Getting the most out of our dollar was critical and I believe we accomplished this with the Pro•Tec Building.” -Mitch Williams, President/CEO of Ag Partners Coop 

Livestock Environments

Livestock will thrive with the natural lighting and excellent ventilation provided by Pro·Tec buildings. Pro·Tec buildings offer adequate space for comfort, socialization and environmental management of your herd. Tightly woven polyethylene fabric covers with ridge vents provide natural lighting and proper airflow while giving cattle or other livestock shade on hot summer days, decreasing the chance of heat stress. No matter the size of the operation, there is a Pro·Tec building that will fit your needs. Easily incorporate Sioux livestock gates and panels for a complete handling system. 

“The high roof of the building allows the system to rise up and out from the cattle so they don’t breath in all the moisture. And no poles down the center for free stall barns.” -Tom Smude, Midwest Sales & Construction

Hay, Commodity and Equipment Storage

Pro·Tec Engineered Buildings use tough, tightly woven polyethylene fabric cover that stands tough against the elements and resists tearing and leakage keeping your investments protected and safe. These buildings offer outstanding height, width and sidewall clearance for optimum capacity and accessibility. With many different options, you are able to customize the building to fit your needs! 

“Ingram Feed & Seed recently erected a 40’ x 60’ Pro·Tec Sentry series building. We were able to assemble the frame and pull the cover ourselves which reduced our cost. The Sentry series was equipped with pallet racking to store protein & mineral tubs plus seed cleaning and treating equipment in the off season. We also keep two trucks under cover now. In a business where you gotta have it if your gonna sell it the Pro•Tec Sentry series building helps Ingram Feed & Seed serve our customers’ needs on a daily basis.” Kent Ingram, Ingram Feed & Seed in Franklin, NE

Other Applications

Pro·Tec Buildings are so versatile; they can be used for anything from horse riding arenas and greenhouses to pool enclosures and convention space.  With so many different ways to customize your building, the possibilities are endless. Pro·Tec Buildings are available in open span widths up to 180 feet and can be manufactured to any length.

“The building goes up fast, is structurally superior and designed to last a long time. We are very pleased with it and the service the company has provided is the best.” Mark Flicker, Pierz, MN

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