Range Tough Corral Panels

Designed to be connected directly to Sioux Steel Working Equipment, these heavy-duty corral panels can be easily transported and assembled right in the pasture. Prairie gold powder coated and feature 2” x 16 gauge, hi-tensile, 50,000 psi steel tubing.


Color:         Prairie Gold
Gauge:       2" x 16
Height:       72"
Bars:           6
Corners:    Square

Actual panel lengths are 5.25" shorter than stated lengths.

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Other Victory Panel Options:
1.66" Victory Panels       2" Walk-Thru Gates        2" Z-Bar Feeder Panels

SS1272RT 12'    Range Tough Panel 119 lbs.
SS1072RT 10'    Range Tough Panel 103 lbs.
SS12RTBG6 12’    Bow Gate w/4' Insert 156 lbs.
SS10RTBG6 10’    Bow Gate w/4' Insert 140 lbs.