Mechanical Engineering Technician

Employment Type: Full Time


Sioux Steel Company
Sioux Falls & Lennox, SD

Education Requirements

Minimum 2 year technical degree or 5 years of related metal fabrication/roll forming/coil stamping press experience.

Experience Requirements

Good safety record

Ability to operate a forklift/material handling equipment

Detail oriented with ability to inspect material for quality conformance through the use of measuring devices and engineering drawings.

Self-motivated with ability to motivate and work with others

Engineered drawing comprehension

Good industrial math, reading, and verbal/written communication skills required

Previous CNC machine experience preferred

Knowledge and use of quality measurement tools such as calipers, micrometer, pin gages, and height gage preferred.

Use of basic office equipment including calculator, computer, and printer

Self-directed and strong work ethic


  1. Lift up to 50lbs. at waist level and up to 30lbs. at shoulder level up to an occasional basis when moving products; lift up to 75lbs. at waist level on a rare basis
  2. Push or pull with up to 75lbs. of force up to an occasional basis when moving products
  3. Generate up to 75lbs of grip strength up to an occasional basis with each hand while handling products
  4. Generate up to 15lbs of pinch strength up to an occasional basis with each hand while handling products
  5. Display average coordination with both hands up to a continuous basis while performing job tasks
  6. Perform elevated work up to an occasional basis when handling products
  7. Stoop, kneel or squat up to an occasional basis when handling products
  8. Reach forward and to the side up to a frequent basis when handling products
  9. Stand up to a continuous basis and walk up to a frequent basis during the course of each shift
  10. Able to perform repetitive tasks up to 12 hours per day


The Mechanical Engineering Technician is responsible for ensuring that the day to day running of the RFP is efficient, meets quality standards, and is safely ran at all times. The Mechanical Engineering Technician will also oversee training, troubleshooting, adjustments, and communication with other teams.

  1. Utilize specialized software to test and balance axial and centrifugal fans
  2. Write and/or update fan test standard operating procedures
  3. Safely work with single phase and 3 phase power
  4. Effectively communicate with purchasing on vendor supplied product
  5. Operate production machinery per instructions (presses, roll formers, botchers, rotational mold equipment, etc.)
  6. Optimize equipment performance to meet and exceed standards
  7. Be open to change and constant improvement of processes
  8. Read blueprints accurately
  9. Utilize a tape measure, micrometer, and calipers correctly
  10. Handled material efficiently and safely


  • Load part programs and aid in program development
  • Efficient cycle operation:
    • properly queuing and preparing the raw steel material prior to processing
    • part removal
    • stacking
    • delivery to internal storage locations
  • Performing periodic quality checks of completed parts and filling out quality paperwork assigned
  • Troubleshoots machine and production related issues as necessary; making adjustments as necessary
  • Maintain safe roll forming cell, ensuring that all equipment safeguarding is working properly
  • Identifying safety concerns, and bring them to your supervisor
  • Communicates with other departments and other work cells to coordinate activities and facilitate efficient work flow.
  • Aids in development of procedures, setup, and work instructions related to the roll forming process
  • Fulfill all duties and responsibilities for standard work cell with emphasis on developing processes for improvement.
  • Completion of paperwork for quality, cycle time, and other performance metrics
  • Roll forming and stamping die setup and inspection
  • Run machinery or work in other cells as needed or directed

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