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Open Tub & Alley

Stockman Open Tub and Alley

Less expensive version of the sheeted systems. Made heavy and well-built to allow cattlemen/women to operate at large cattle ranches.

Fully adjustable alley allowing the user to run cattle from small calves up to large mature bulls and cows without turning around in the alley. The panels are 70” tall keeping animals from jumping out while setting nose to tail in an alley.

Open sweep tub is constructed of 2’ 14-gauge tubing at a height of 70” is one of the heaviest built open sweep tubs on the market. Spring loaded safety latch keeps cattle from pushing the gate back on top of the operator. The sweep tub can be assembled with a right-hand sweep gate or a left-hand sweep gate just by switching the latch.

  • 14 Gauge tub panels
  • 16 Gauge Alley Panels
  • Alley Adjust from 18”-29”