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Patriot Creep Feeder

Patriot Creep Feeders have been designed with the consumer in mind. Each one is able to be pulled full and filled with the gates up. Jack operated feed gates and spring assisted corral gates make Patriot Creep Feeders more usable than ever.

  • 150 Bushel Capacity.
  • Ground controlled lid makes transportation quick and easy.
  • Open and close the lid safely on the ground.
  • Slide in gates make it easier to stow and go.
  • Adjustable height front creep panels.
  • 4 easy adjustable jack stands.
  • Self Storing Creep Gates.
  • Adjustable feed gate with lift handles built in.
  • 2000 lb. screw jack.
  • Heavy 12 gauge feed pan.
  • 245/16 used truck tires.
  • Optional rain shields.
  • Weather tight.
  • Adjustable creep panels to fold up into transport position.
  • Leveling jacks - 2 on the front and 2 on the rear.
  • Agitator keeps feed from clogging.
  • Feed door.
Product #DescriptionWeight
SCRPFD150150 Bushel Creep Feeder
With Rail
1980 lbs.