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Bin Snitch


Each $1 of copper stolen costs $100 to replace. Copper theft is a one billion dollar industry annually. Easy and affordable protection created for farmers by farmers! Grain bins yield about $300 of copper and cost up to $30,000 to repair. Copper theft has met it’s match with the BinSnitch!

Receive Alerts
The BinSnitch will send text, voice, or email alerts when grain bin wires are tampered with. Up to 10 phone numbers can receive a call or text when the BinSnitch sends an alert. Alerts notify both owner and authorities.

Battery Power
The BinSnitch is powered by an extremely long-lived battery pack and requires no external power source. The average life-span of our battery is 3 to 5 years. Since there is no power source required, a thief can’t simply cut the power; if the BinSnitch is tampered with, it will automatically send out an alert.

No Fees
With the BinSnitch, there are no monthly or annual fees to pay. There is no charge when alerts are sent out.

Insurance Discounts
Insurance companies view the BinSnitch favorably. Insurers may provide a discount on rates or waive deductible if it’s installed.