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NEW! Sentry Series


The Newest Line of Quality
Pro•Tec Buildings!

This new line of Pro•Tec Buildings strictly follows the most recent building code and focuses on maximizing the features & benefits you get for the money.

English Sentry Series Literature

English w/Metric Sentry Series Literature

Literatura española de la serie Sentry

Sentry Building End View Dimensions

Specifications and Standards

Safety is our #1 Priority:

We follow the 2006 International Building Code to design all of our buildings.  Wind loads are calculated based on a partially enclosed building classification.  Partially enclosed classification uses the highest wind forces of any building classification.  This allows the customer to detail building wall and door layouts as needed, without worry of the building being under-designed.  Some manufacturers have buildings that fall under partially enclosed and do not design to the requirements of it. 

We designed these buildings as partially enclosed because it is the recommended interpretation of the building code for fabric buildings.  We are incorporating a “cross-braced” design method for this building series.  This method does not rely on the cover for bracing of the top chord.  It also ensures that the building maintains its’ required strength regardless of a tear in the cover due to blowing debris.  We do not take any reduction in snow loads that are not allowed by the code.  Some companies have taken snow load reductions due to the assumption that snow slides off of the building.  We have seen that certain snow, typically wet heavy snow or snow and ice mix, will cause the heavy snow loadings that the code requires.

Innovative Design Ideas:
The engineering team that designs the Pro•Tec Buildings challenged themselves to develop a building that follows all of the building code requirements and is still competitive with certified, uncertified, or under-designed competitor’s buildings.  The engineers went through a meticulous design process that focused on maximizing frame strength and simplifying the manufacturing processes.  We have improved some existing processes and incorporated many new ideas to create the “Sentry Series” building line.  We believe in creating a building that performs and is cost effective to the customer.  Some companies may not provide both of these aspects, which we believe a customer always deserves.  Our building highlights include: using all high strength steel, “cross-braced” frames, rolled chords, universal wall attachments, grain storage capabilities, conveyor capabilities, simplified construction, and many more, that make the “Sentry Series” a state of the art investment for any application.


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