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Outstanding Height, Width, and Sidewall Clearance for Optimum Capacity and Accessibility

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Gable Pro·Tec Buildings
Widths: 75', 85', 100', 110', 125', 135' & 155" 
Length: Manufactured to Any Length Spacing: 10', 12', 16'

Gable buildings are excellent structures to fit your needs in multiple applications for storage of equipment or commodities. Gable buildings are available in widths up to 155’ and manufactured in the length you require to meet your needs.  Tough, tightly woven polyethylene fabric cover stands tough against the elements and resists tearing and leakage. Covers consist of multiple keders or sections of fabric that fit in between each truss. Keders are connected to each truss giving strength and durability.

Common components promote economy in construction and the powder-coated finish gives lasting durability in addition to strong, durable steel framework assembly with unmatched protection against rust and corrosion. An additional option of hot dipped galvanizing is available. Multiple truss spacing offers different loading capabilities and gives you a versatile structure to use as a riding arena, along with various commercial or industrial applications.

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Testimonial: “In today’s environment, we wanted to add storage that would give us maximum flexibility. Our hope is that every year we are able to fill this building with grain. The reality is that we have experienced times that grain was short and our need for storage was not as great. With this building, we believe that it gives us flexibility to use it for other purposes, such as seed storage, equipment storage, and even possibly fertilizer storage. Getting the most out of our dollar was critical and I believe we accomplished this with the Pro·Tec Building.” -Mitch Williams, President/CEO of Ag Partners Coop in Hiawath, KS


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