Grain Conditioning & Aeration


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1750 RPM

Sioux Steel’s centrifugal fan housings are manufactured with heavy duty 11 gauge sides resulting in significantly less vibration for a more stable platform. This adds longevity to the life of the fan.
All centrifugal fans are bench-tested prior to shipping in order to ensure that our customers are getting a high quality product that works properly from day one.


  • 5 - 50 HP standard low-speed fans, with or without controls.
  • Fan blades are solid welded, not stitched for longer life.
  • Adjustable legs on fans allow easy leveling and support while giving more flexibility for adjusting to inconsistencies in a concrete pad.
  • Special airfoil blades move more air due to the backward curved, non-overloading design.
  • Fan wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth, trouble-free operation.


3500 RPM

These fans use an inventive design to increase airflow which boosts fan performance, as well as saves time and money. The specialized design of high-speed centrifugal fans make them ideal for small grain aeration, deep grain depths, in situations with high static pressure,
tall tanks and in small tanks with high resistance to airflow.


  • 20 - 50 HP high-speed 3 phase fans.
  • Enclosed motor.
  • Optimal for use on small grains, such as canola, wheat, popcorn, millet, rice, milo & sunflowers and situations where static pressure is high.

Variable Frequency Drive

Sioux Steel is the only company to offer an option like the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Fan Control. The motor management of the VFD Fan Control is designed for maximum gain and efficiency. This high/medium/low speed control box is UL/cUL listed. 


  • Panels will function in any type of climate since each one is independently heated and cooled. 
  • Designed to interlock with heater units to insure the fan is running prior to activating the heater.
  • Uses 3 phase motor which are cheaper, more durable and more efficient than 1 phase motors.
  • Adjustable amperage can help to reduce energy costs.


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