1 Million Bushel Grain Storage


132' Grain Bin Storage Solution
"Ideas Coming to Life Under One Roof"

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The employees of Sioux Steel Company have always come together to provide solutions for our customers and the latest example of this is the engineering and manufacturing a 132' diameter commercial grain bin! 

::  Over 1 Million Bushel Capacity.
::  Roof Supports 35,000 lbs. Of Peak Load.
::  Roof Supports 65,000 lbs. Of Wind & Unbalanced Snow Load.


Chad Kramer - Sioux Steel Engineer
Chad Kramer stands tall at 6'8". You won't find a Professional Engineer in just every company that is 6'8" tall... nor will you find one as dedicated to the details as Chad Kramer is. When the owner of Sioux Steel Company asked Chad to design a 132' diameter bin that would hold over 1 million bushels of corn, Chad took on the challenge and made it happen.  With his focus and determination, he was also able to design a roof for the bin that's strong enough to support over 35,000 lbs. of peak load, plus 65,000 lbs. of wind & unbalanced snow load!

The Story
To show just how strong the roof really is, the employees of Sioux Steel Company came together and displayed their trust in Chad's engineering to stand on a platform that was hung from the roof of the bin.  The platform was suspended with cables and sat 4 ft. off the ground! The employees wanted to show, LITERALLY, that they not only stand behind the products that they build, but they will stand under them!


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