Slant Bar Feeder Panels

Slant Bar Feeder Panels


Works well for fence line feeding or if you need to make a feeder for square bales by connecting two 12’ and two 6’ panels together.

Slant bar feed thru panels can also connect to a 12’ Panel Bunk Feeder or 5 Rail Hi-Country Corral Panels using the pin and double tube connector system.


  • The main frame is 2” x 16 gauge.
  • 16 gauge sheeting.
  • 1.66” x 16 gauge slant bars with pin/loop connectors.
  • 9 feed stations in the 12' model.
  • 4 feed stations in the 6' model.

Other Feeder Panel Option:  
Z-Bar Feeder Panels

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S186334BRN 6' Slant Bar Panel With Kick Shield 72 lbs.
S186268BRN 12' Slant Bar Panel With Kick Shield 139 lbs.
S186348BRN 12' Bunk Feeder With 12' Slant Bar Panel 374 lbs.