Dual Grain Bin Sweep Unload




High Capacity, Minimal Entry
Grain Bin Unload With Dual Paddle Sweeps

::  5,500 to 11,000 Bushels Per Hour Maximum Capacity.
::  Manufactured To Fit In Bins Up To 105' In Diameter.


The Extrac Dual Paddle Sweep features position sensing logic allowing the two sweeps to more effectively clean the grain bin instead of the two sweeps fighting each other while rotating around the bin.

Independently rotating sweeps will momentarily shut down and automatically re-start if either falls behind or gets ahead of the other sweep. The independent rotation eliminates high stress at the center pivot.

“The dual sweep performed great! I was told the sweep would take grain at 11,000 bushel an hour and it did! The sweeps are very good at cleaning the floor. A light broom will finish once the dual sweeps have made a full revolution around the bin. The old bin sweep we had there was 2-3 inches of grain to scoop. The dual sweeps reduce labor and time. The dual sweep cleans our  105 foot bin in 10 hours before we had 3 to 4 days. No need to be in a bin with the dual sweeps. They take care of themselves!”
- Chad, AgFirst Farmers Cooperative

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   • Non jack system allows for minimal entry once started. 

   • Lower input power requirement compared to other sweeps.

   • Does not plug or stall when overrunning the sweeps.

   • Foam filled 13 x 5.00-6 super lug drive tires.

   • Can withstand an avalanche of grain.

   • Designed to be fully submersed in grain.

   • Housing is made out of 10 gauge material.

   • Explosion proof motors.

   • Adjustable chain and motor mounts.

View Max. Eave Height/Burial Depth Chart For Paddle Sweeps:

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